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Your Career Cure

Apr 15, 2021

Are you a great leader?  In this episode of Your Career Cure, Gail Tolstoi-Miller reveals 1 mistake that leaders cant afford to make.  She utilizes the recent Rachel Hollis mishap as an example of what not to do as a leader and the things that you need to do to be a great leader. 


Apr 13, 2021

How do you build your reputation and make yourself absolutely irresistible as a professional or entrepreneur? Did you know that you can position yourself for success by working towards creating those opportunities? For you to be successful, you have to build your rapport within and without your workplace so, you’ll be...

Apr 8, 2021

It doesn't matter what level, function or industry you work in, most career professionals are missing out on the 1 thing that can propel their career and make it easier to get a promotion, a raise and a new job.

In this episode of Your Career Cure, Gail Tolstoi-Miller provides you the 1 Career Cure that will make you...

Apr 6, 2021

Are you an introvert struggling to find your place in the sales field? Did you know that by employing systems and processes perfect for you, you can be the best salesperson? That’s right, you don’t have to be like everyone else or even like to be in everyone’s presence, but having the right strategies made only...

Apr 1, 2021

Thinking about making a career change?  Not so fast.  In this episode of Your Career Cure, Gail Tolstoi-Miller discusses, what she calls "Career Crushers" that cloud your judgement in making the right career choice.  Gail dismantles the career crushers & walks you through an exercise that will bring your career...