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Your Career Cure

Apr 27, 2021

What’s next for you after getting laid off or willingly leaving corporate America? Are you thinking entrepreneurship but still don’t know how to make that transition? The best thing you can do in this scenario is to first heal from your previous job’s attachment and anxiety so that you can start afresh and succeed as an entrepreneur.

In this episode of the Your Career Cure Podcast, Gail Tolstoi-Miller speaks with Chicago Illinois native, Katrina Roddy. She worked for 30 years in Corporate Insurance before being laid off. It was at that moment when she chose to take her acquired skills in corporate and created her own career as an Author/Entrepreneur Coach. This best-selling author of "Steal your SKILLS from Corporate", will coach you through the mindset it takes to transition from employee status to becoming the CEO of your life as a new entrepreneur!

She shares the process she used to develop a book buildup in a period of 90 days and then write the book itself in 24 hours.

She explains her mindset reset formula M.O.V.E.S. and how it can help you move on from the corporate mindset to a creative space. Listen in to learn the qualities you need to become an entrepreneur and to maneuver the challenges you face in the transitioning process.


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What You Will Discover:

  • [1:08] Katrina talks about her 30 years long corporate career and getting laid off.
  • [3:25] Life after the layoff- how she failed in entrepreneurship and the defining moment when she wrote her book.
  • [5:05] The process of writing a book in 90 days with the guidance of a writing coach.
  • [8:49] Katrina on her company The Corporate Breakup, which helps people heal from their corporate job and transition to the next thing.
  • [10:58] Why she lets her clients decide whether to go back to the corporate world or to transition to the next thing.
  • [12:00] Katrina’s mindset reset formula M.O.V.E.S. and how it will help you share your story.
  • [18:58] How covid changed the technology landscape, allowing people from different areas to interact.
  • [20:05] Katrina’s worst career moment- when she was unexpectedly laid off yet again.
  • [23:15] Why you should do things that will help you succeed in your career or business.
  • [25:15] How she was influenced by her peer group to pursue a college education and a career.
  • [28:57] The importance of working on your business as a side hustle when you don’t have enough resources.
  • [31:21] The main challenges you experience when transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur.
  • [33:55] The qualities of an entrepreneur and why you shouldn’t become one if you lack them.
  • [35:40] The 3 best career and Corporate America answers that Katrina would give to win the 50 million dollars Your Career Cure Contest.

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