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Your Career Cure

Mar 30, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a great recruiter? The one that focuses on hiring the right candidate for the right job and giving the employer the best candidate. A recruiter who is focused on eliminating hiring biases in the hiring process and values integrity, equity, diversity, & inclusion at the workplace.

In this episode of the Your Career Cure Podcast, Gail Tolstoi-Miller interviews Katherine McCord of Titan Management.  She is the President of Titan Management- an innovative national recruiting firm, and the Host of Career Launch Live- a podcast designed to educate on all things professional. She has strong experience recruiting everything from Customer Service to CFOs and has a background in process improvement and growing employee satisfaction. She has a passion for improving the hiring process for companies and candidates alike and founded Titan in 2014.

She describes her love for recruiting, which stems from childhood, and explains how and why she’s building a non-bias recruiting system. Listen in to learn the importance of focusing on the right things like skills and capability when hiring as a recruiter.


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What You Will Discover:

  • [0:23] Katherine’s love for her company Titan Management, plus what they do in recruiting.
  • [2:02] How Katherine fell in love with recruiting after years of being a job hopper.
  • [4:50] Why you don’t necessarily need experience to do a job, just the chance to do it.
  • [8:42] How to stop focusing on the wrong things when hiring as a recruiter.
  • [14:43] A recruiting system Katherine is building that focuses on a candidate’s skills and abilities without bias.
  • [17:06] The value of integrity, equity, diversity, and inclusion when hiring.
  • [24:45] The importance of treating all candidates as human, not products.
  • [27:13] The importance of networking and networking with recruiters to help you get out there.
  • [32:07] Katherine describes her lowest career moment as when she fired an employee due to the lack of enough resources.
  • [36:37] How people have shifted the expectations from their employers after COVID-19.
  • [42:40] The 3 best career and Corporate America answers that Katherine would give to win the 50 million dollars Your Career Cure Contest.

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