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Your Career Cure

Mar 16, 2021

What are the chances that your resume will get you a job? A winning resume is more than just a two-page document listing your skills, more than a keyword-stuffed document to pass through the AI system. Sometimes, it might actually work in your favor to get a professional to do your resume.

In this episode of the Your Career Cure Podcast, Gail Tolstoi-Miller speaks with Matthew Warzel, CPRW. He’s a resume writer, career coach, and outplacement expert with over 10 years in Human Resources and career advancement techniques. He manages MJW Careers and provides assistance to companies in transition from downsizes to buyouts, as well as individual job seekers needing to advance their careers. Matt has a long history working in Human Resources and on recruitment/staffing teams across a variety of industries. He fashions resumes that allow employers to review the applicant's assets while highlighting his or her accomplishments, showcasing impacts on employer's bottom lines using quantitative verbiage, and maintaining brevity.

Matt believes in the benefits of getting your resume professionally written to help get you closer to your dream job’s door.

He shares tips on how to create a winning and valuable resume, mistakes to avoid, and how to pass the AI system. Listen in to learn the power of a creative and interesting cover letter that has higher chances of getting you that interview.

“Try not to take on too many projects at once; finish something before you start project seven.”


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What You Will Discover:

  • [0:50] Matt explains how he helps job hunters with marketing tools to find their next career move.
  • [1:44] Why he transitioned from recruiting to owning his business and never wants to go back.
  • [4:19] Three tips on how to create a winning resume plus the benefits of getting a professional to do your resume.
  • [7:41] Tips on how to pass the AI system and other stages in the interview process.
  • [9:44] Two resume mistakes you’re probably making without realizing.
  • [12:46] How to be smart to boost your job candidacy and be more likely to get the job.
  • [15:48] How not to write irrelevant things on your resume just to make it longer.
  • [20:27] The importance of establishing good working relationships wherever you work.
  • [24:30] How to create a customized and tailored cover letter for specific job roles.
  • [29:55] How to pitch a job on LinkedIn through video or audio and let your resume be an enhancement.
  • [33:50] Matt describes when he lost his job in 2009 as his lowest career moment when he had to deal with his worst anxiety attacks yet.
  • [35:17] The things you can do to nourish your mind, body, and spirit before thinking of your career.
  • [41:28] Don’t worry about what you can’t control during the pandemic, improve your resume and yourself every day.
  • [44:02] The 3 best career and Corporate America answers that Matt would give to win the 50 million dollars Your Career Cure Contest.

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